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some storms roll through the area this evening. power lines and a tree were knocked down on top of a house that sparked a small fire in greenbelt. good evening. i'm jim bettes. >> m doreen genler. let's go straight to the weather. doug, is our severe weather over? >> yeah, it is. that's the good news.
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we did see some pretty strong storms earlier tonight. lo loudon county and also prince george's county saw some strong storms ealier. but now on the dry side. they're out there in parts of delaware. as we look the past couple hours and see where these storms came from, the bigst storm was right here coming through prince george's county in greenbelt before falling apart as it makes its w offto the east. behind these storms, there are a couple more back here toward west virginia and western maryld around cumberland and frostberg, but i don't think they'll be holding together. they're dying out as we speak, so i think by tomorrow morning, we'll be looking at a pretty nice morning and another very hot day. 76 by 10:00 a.m. and how about temperatures in the middle 90s as we move through the first day of fall. my cplete forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, doug. a navy seal who grew up in
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this area was amo the servicemen killed when a helicopter crashed in afghanistan yesterday. brendon looney went to the naval academy. >> jim, cliche but true. by all accounts, 29-year-old brendan looney was an all-american kind of guy. he was an honor student and star athlete here at ma gnatnatha. and tonight he is one of the country's fallen heroes. >> he was at manatha since 1956. he saw all three of the looney boys. >> he was principal. when he retired, became one of the football coaches of number 10. >> you didn't want to get hit by him on a football field.
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he uld demolish people coming through the line. >> manatha's head coach was on the practice field when his wife called. >> she was on the phone and she was crying like a baby and it was hrd to understand what she said. she said brendan looney was killed in the helicopter crash in afghanistan. >> looney was one of the nine who died when the helicopter crashed in afghanistan yesterday. the football coach said it was the type of sacrifice that defined looney's life. >> he was the type of man that would do anything you asked him to do and then some. >> after graating from manatha as an honors student in 1999, he became an outstanding lacrosse player. he graduated in 1994 and got married in 1998.
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he wanted toe a navy seal. he became one and hend his wife deployed overseas. wednesday night dozens had gathered at brendan looney's house in silver spring to welcome the american hero's family home. they had spent the afternoon at the air force base, waiting on their son's flag-filled casket. i talked to one of brendan looney's brothers and he told me the family would be making funeral arrangements in e rning. we are live. back to you. >> thanks, craig. there is a new book out by veteran white house journalist bo woodward,nd it suggests contention and divion in the obama administration over how to deal with the war in afghanistan. the book is called "oba's wars." it says the president and his aides were deeply divided. the president reportedlypushed for an exit strategy from afghanistan in an effort to appease democratic supporters while advisers were pushing for
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higher top levels. today the president's spokesman denied that mr. obama based his war strategy on politics. a virginia mother tried desperately to save her children from an earlyorning fire. the flames were jst too strong, and everyone didn't make it out alive. the mother and two of her children died. that fire started about 8:00 this morning at a home on hagel circle in lorton. some of the children did survive. jackie bensen is at the hospital with more on the story. >> reporter: there were five children in that house. three are recovering here at washington hospital center. two boys, ages three and five, are dead, along with their 24-year-old mother who apparely died trying to save them. >> it is such an awful sight, bur burned-out townhouse in lorton,
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virginia where two children and their mother died. >> i heard a man screaming, screaming, screaming. >> neighbors say the mother franticay lowered a baby girl and two boys to her brother who lived in the house. >> the mom threwthe baby t the window to the uncle. >> the complex known hithe highlands is a place where children play together and people know their neighbors. they had been without electricity for two days for reasons unknown. >> i think it might have been they fell asleep with candles lit or something. >> how do you know that? >> because i waswith h last night and took her to the store to buy candles because they didn't have electric. >> a spokesman for virginia power wld not discuss the client's status, but notes the company makes great efforts to keep people connected.
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the first emergency vehile was on the scene after the first 911 call, but by then the house was already engulfed in flames. >> they tried to go through up stairs window with fire coming out thewindow. they did get inside, they got one child outside that window, and tried to resuscitate them. >> neighbors are planning a vigil to pray for those who survived and those who were lost. doreen, back to you. >> all right, jackie bensen reporting tonight from lorton. thanks, jackie. police say two teenagers injured in a high-speed crash in beltsville, maryland this morning were allegedly racing another car before their accident. it happened in the 3100 blocks of powder mill road. police say the driver lost control going around a curve, veered into oncoming traffic, thenit a guardrail and another car. the teens wer both seriously injured but are expected to survive. police say they are both students of high point high school. there is a chance michelle
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ree might learn tomorrow if she still has a job. ree has come under fire for closing schools and firing teachers and principals while others consider her to be the best thing that er happened in terms of her stewardship of d.c. schools. still ahead on news4 at 11:00, a woman's tings filled several blocks in the district. >> my pajamas and underwear and blindfolded me. >> 17 years lat, this woman breaks her silence, hoping it will help people solve a cold case. also a battle of knocking over some trees in woodley park. the redskins shaking up their back field. the capitals have their first
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a suspected hoarderie convicted from her d.c. home piled up her stuff over several blocks, or the eviction people piled it up. eloisa diaz said she was kicked out and all her belongings were put on the street. she said she wasut of work and couldn't afford her home. after her story, a moving company volunteeredo move her stuff and someone even offered her job. a plan to tear down some trees in d.c.'s woodley park neighborhood is the latest development that is angering some of the people living in that neighborhood. crews started chopping down some of the trees this morning. some of them are more than 100 years old. tse trees are located around two property lots in the 2900 ock of garfield street. a developer plans to build two large homes there the so-called
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mcmansion types. lawyers say the developer is within his rights to raze the property. neighbors, though, say the tree cutting should have been held off until their appeal was heard in court. that appeal is scheduled to be heard next month. there were tears d silent tribute as dozens of world war ii veterans made a special trip to the world war ii memorial today. they arrive in dulles airport to talk about what's been known as an honor flight. they were flown in to have an opportunity to remember their service and remember those who fell beside them. coming up in the broadcast, baby formula being recalled. >> also ahead, two of the largest egg prucers on the hot seat in capitol hill. a wild scene in the streets of miami today. of mi was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
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too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? it's been 17 years no since a 22-year-old woman was
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terrorized and raped in her apartment in charles county, maryland. she has since moved out of the area but recetly returned to tell her ful story in hopes that her attacker will be caught. joe krebs has our report on this cold ce. >> reporter: it started here, july 20, 1993 in waldorf, maryland. >> the department was burglarized. this washe first night of, i guess, two nigs of misery. >> reporter: misery for this woman who woke up in the milled oft -- middle of the night and noticed something strange. >> all the cabinet doors were open in my kitchen. obviously someone had been in my house, so i called police. >> reporter: she wants people to know her story but not her identity. >> obviously, i was very scared ask freaked out somebody had been in my house while i was sleeping. >> reporter: she spent the night with a relative but went back home. >> i went back reluctantly but
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woke up with someone in my house with someone next to me in my bed. >> reporter: theman told her to do what she was told or he would kill her. >> he cut off my pajamas and underwear and blindfolded me and raped me. >> reporter: after the rape, he ordered her into the hallway whe she caught a glimpse of him under the blindfold. >> there was a little part i could see underneath. i could seehat he was white, but i never saw what he looked like. >> reporter: she said he soon seemed remorseful and admitted that he broke into her home two nights before. he made her bathe to get rid of evince and then turned violent again. >> he made me go back into the bedroom and raped me again. >> reporter: finally, after five hours, he used his knife to cut up sheets, tied her hands and feet, put a gag around her mouth and left, leaving a pointed insult for police. >> he had taken the business
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card of the original policeman who did the report for the break-in and he had put it up on the wall with a knife from my kitchen. >> reporter: after that brutal night of tror, the rapist left her apartment with her keys and stole her car which was parked out here. whether he was from around he or not, investigators don't know. but they do know her car was found two weeks later in gree greensboro, north carolina. >> with we do have a dna profile of someone who was possibly involved. this was recovered out of a cigarette from our victim's vehicle. >> reporter: so far that dna has not identified a suspect. >> there has never been another moment in my life tat i've been so scared. >> reporter: it's been 17 years, but it still affects her daily life. >> the biggest thing i think about is the fact he's still doing that. who knows how many victims he's had since me. >> joe krebs, news4, washington.
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if you have any information that might help identify this rapist, detective keelan asks that you call. it's 1-866-411-8477. the owners of two iowa egg farms had apologies but few answers about their recall of nearly half a billion eggs today. they were called to the capitol hill to testify on the salmonella outbreak that was traced back to their companies. lawmakers showed pictures of deplorable conditions at their farms. the owner of wright county eggs said he was horrified about the outbreak, but the owner of hillandale farms refused to testify officials are still looking into the exact source of the salmonella outbreak. doug is here with more about our weather. things settling down? >> yeah, you know, something in the last ten minutes, something just happened. >> what's that? >> summer officially ended. >> is that rht? >> it did, and a localit of peo
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were happy about it. >> how will we notice? >> you're not going to notice. you'll wake up ansay, it's fall, it's going to be nice and cool, but no, the heat is still withus we'll have even some record-breaking heat coming on friday. these were some of the severe storms that rolled through just northeast of the district and montgomery county. there was a lot of lightning. they put on a lightning show a little bit earlier. we did have a report of one house possibly hit by ligning. that was happening in the greenbelt area. the doppler radar showing nothing across the region. we have some storms across delaware, but that is it. a few out to the west, but they are falling apart very, very ickly. we reach a high of 95 degrees. a very hot d in the first of three very hot days. that would, of course, mean another heat wave if we did hit 90 degrees tomorrow and on friday, and i think it'soing
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to happen. wind out of the north-northeast about 6 miles per hour. that shows you that frontal boundary is trying to move through. 68 in frederick, 78 in sterling. high temperatures to the south today extremely warm. raleigh at 96, 94 in cincinnati, atlanta 92, and that warm air will continue to invade the region providing another very wa day tomorrow. something we koewon't see tomor, thunderstorms. you can see that front right there with those strong storms tht will actually make its way to the south. and then it will move right back to the north. that will allow the heat to move in d most likely the humidity during the day as well. friday will be the most uncomfortable day, ithink, with temperatures in the mid-90s just about everywhere and then we'll see a frontal boundary that should help cool things off a little as we head into the day on saturday. by tomorrow morning, partly sunny. patchy fog in some locations, especially off to the west. 61 degrees as you're waking up
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tomorrow morning. then in the afternoon, it is the first official day of fall. 88 to 93 degrees as we move on to the next couple days. how about 95 on friday and then 85 on saturday. slight chance of a shower on sunday. i'm not expecting too much with teperatures of 75 degrees and then a pretty good chance of some rain sometime next week. to be honest with you, this is a tough forecast, but it will happen sometime next week. that's why it's an outlook. >> it's only wednesday. thank you, doug. >> that'right. coming up in sports, right he in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work
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[ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masrpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when hisccount ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male nouncer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it. we make it simple to manage your finances. check the tag. made in france. wow. the price tag. double wow. up to 60% off. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. changes in the back field, huh? >> yeah, and if one guy knows running backs, it's definitely the head coach of the redskins, ke shanahan. it's taking running backs with
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little or no pedestrian agree and turning them into rushing backs. he did it on a regular basis in denver. the next man up is keelan williams. he is an undrafted free agent from lsu and he impressed coaches enough in the pre-season to make the team ahead of well known names like willie parker. now he's played enough to bump the next one off the roster. now he finds himself being expected to contribute for the redski. >> iouldn't necessarily say i'm the best backer. we have a lot of good backs. we just signed a good back. i'll just take my role however it comes and do my best. >> you have to make decisions in the best interest of the rganization and sometimes it's
11:25 pm
really tough. he worked hard in the off season and there's still a chance he could come back here. >> trent williams did not practice today. he was limping today with a bruised knee and a sprained toe, but he has not been ruled out for the rams game. kareem moore did practice fully and says he expects to play on sunday. at this pont in the season, it's all about little victories for the nationals, a young guy looking good, a starting pitcher making it deep into the ball game for a quality srt. when you get a couple of tse and you t it off with a win, everybody is happy in nats town. tonight the boys not only got the win, but danny espoza contnues to look like a future all-star. so do these guys. after a busy game, they got it going. teddy says i'm off, off toe the races. i'm going to finally win one, but gets to the finish line, breaks his bifocals.
11:26 pm
cheaters never prosper. check out roger better havernad. the pitcher, jason marquee, said thank you very much, sir. nats down 3-2. danny espinoza was the man on, and he gets into one. this just clears the wall for a two-run home run and that proved to be the game winner. it's espinoza's fifth homer in 19 games. they downed the nationals 4-3. dunn was hit by a pitch and left with abruised elbow. hockey season is here. kind of crazy to imagine the hockey season is already here. caps opening up the pre-ason on the road in columbus. we pick it up in the second period.
11:27 pm
far left side of your screen here, youngster matt hendricks as having a great game. three goals in the game for the youngster. eric fare to thomas fleischmann out front and that's just too easy for flash. they beat the kacapitols 6-2. like every other tv station in the country, if there is a in the country, if there is a car chase, we're going to equals chili's $20 dinner forwo. share one of five appezers, like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like ourhicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sauce, our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fatas served over a bed of sizzlingeppers and onions.
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a high-speed chase down in miami today.
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the driver reportedly stole the car, led police on a chase. the car hit police cruisers three times during the 20-minute chase that reached speeds up to 100 miles an hour. one guy tried to make a run for it. that didn't work out so wel. officers arrested both the driver and another passenger. the maker of a polar powdered infant formula is voluntarily recalling 5 million cans nationwide. these are the two types of similac being recalled. bees and their larva were found in several cans. it poses no immediate health risk but drinking the infected formula could cau building wind farms and
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check this out, a chinese weightlifter who won the world
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weightlifting championshipsn turkey. this guy is bad. he weighs just over 150 pounds. yesterday he set two rld records for his weight. he lifted 436 pounds. look at this. and then 789 pounds in another category. and then watch the [ cheers and applause ]

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